When specialists are at work


Since 1962 we have been specialists for engine, transmission and chassis, especially for the Porsche brand, from "normal" road traffic to race settings.


As a master garage we also carry out inspections, maintenance and other repairs of all car brands.



Our service


• Inspection and maintenance

• (Accident) repairs



• Vehicle and wheel load measurement

• Adjustment of engine, transmission and chassis

• TÜV incl. individual approvals / special entries

• Tuning - interior, exterior, brake, exhaust system, chassis, etc.

• Repair and tuning of Porsche engines

• Engine test bench up to max. 1000 PS

• Vehicle body for road and racing applications

• Transport of racing cars in special transporters

• Own apex roller test stand with up to 1000 hp, all-wheel drive, front and rear drive possible, max. vehicle height 2.35   metres

• Race car rental for exhibitions, inaugurations or presentations




Take advantage of the technical know-how of our master mechanic and the experience from countless international races to bring your car into the optimal condition for road, sport and competition.



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