Porsche 911 GT1


The mid-engine 911


After McLaren dominated the GT1 category internationally with the F1 GTR and Ferrari with the F40 in the mid-90s, Porsche race engineer Norbert Singer pushed the development of a powerful GT1 vehicle. Although the GT2 was also available to the customer teams as a Gt1 version with up to 700 hp, no victories were in sight in the long run due to a lack of stability with this version. On 24 July 1995, the Porsche board of directors gave the "GO" for the development of their own GT1 vehicle. Already on April 28, 1996, two racing cars were ready for the test day in LeMans.


The starting point for the GT1 was also the body of the Porsche 993, but with extensive modifications.

Porsche Kremer was one of the private teams that started one of the high-priced GT1s in 1997. The price for such a racing car was well over a million DM and thus no lap driven yet.


One season we used the GT1, beside the 993 GT2 Evo and two Kremer K8 Spydern. The super sports car from Stuttgart was piloted by Christophe Bouchut and Carl Rosenblad in six runs in the FIA GT Championship.


Technical data GT1


Season: 1997


Number of pieces: 1


Engine: six-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine, water-cooled


Transmission: synchronized Porsche six-speed racing transmission


Differential: limited slip differential


Chassis: front body base 993, roll cage as supporting element, mid-engine construction


Body: carbon fibre / GFK composite


Compressed: 6,5:1


Output: max. 440kW (600 hp) at 7200 rpm


Max. Torque: 650 Nm at 5500 rpm


Turbocharging: two KKK (Kühne,Kopp,Kausch) K27.3 exhaust gas turbochargers with 35.7 mm restrictor and two charge air coolers


Boost pressure: adjustable by driver


Chassis: front double wishbone

               rear double wishbone with pushrod, adjustable dampers


Brakes: front: eight-piston fixed calipers, brake discs carbon, diameter 380 x 37 mm

             in the back: four-piston fixed calipers, brake discs carbon, diameter 380 x 37 mm


Wheels: BBS, three-piece; rim spider: cast magnesium, rim flange: aluminium

              front 12 x 18"

              rear 13 x 18"


Empty weight: 1000 kg


Maximum speed: at longest gear ratio approx. 320 km/h

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