Porsche 993 GT2

Back in GT-Sport again

For the season, a 993 GT2 freshly delivered from the factory was available at the Cologne plant in addition to the in-house developments K7 and K8. Porsche had already announced this Biturbo racing car based on the GT2 at the end of 1994 and presented it to the customer teams. With a special conversion kit it was even possible to start with the then 700 hp strong GT2 in the GT1 category and to compete in a direct fight with Ferrari F40 Competizione or McLaren F1 GTR.

The Kremer GT2 was to be driven mainly by Thomas Saldana and Alfonso de Orleans in the BPR series and together with Miguel de Castro in the 24h Le Mans. Saldana had already driven Kremer's K7 in the Interseries in 1993. After more than ten years of abstinence, the Kremer team started with a GT2 for the first time again in GT sport. Due to the extension of the sponsor REPSOL the 1996 season was already secured.



Technical data

Porsche 993 GT2


Season: 1995 - 1998



Number of pieces: 2



Engine: 6 cylinders - 4 stroke - boxer engine, air cooled



Bore: 100,00 mm



Compressed: 8.0:1



Power: 333kW (450 PS) at 5750 rpm



Max. Torque: 540 Nm at 5400 rpm



Turbocharging: two KKK 24 exhaust gas turbochargers with 33.8 mm restrictor



Gearbox: Six-speed - manual



Chassis: stiffened, lightweight, welded roll cage, plastic and aluminium attachments



Suspension: Independent suspension, handlebars mounted on Unibal, Bilstein gas dampers



Brakes: dual-circuit disc brakes, four-piston front brake calipers, four-piston rear brake calipers



Wheels: front 9 x 18"

              rear 11 x 18"



Unladen weight: 1295 kg



Maximum speed: at longest gear ratio approx. 300 km/h



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