LOLA B98/10

Unloved, complicated, no Porsche



Manfred Kremer had left the Cologne company after the 1998 season and said goodbye to active motorsport. For him, effort and costs were no longer in proportion to possible successes, a high competitive pressure and the memory of many decades on the racetracks of this world with countless triumphs made his decision easier. His older brother Erwin, on the other hand, who had always been fond of racing and sports cars, did not and could not turn his back on motorsport.


However, Porsche itself had discontinued its factory involvement in the FIA GT Championship at the end of 1998 and at that time did not want to support private teams with the corresponding material either. The development of the initially planned successor for the Kremer K8 Spyder, the K9, was stopped completely substantially thereby.


The prepared chassis was ready and had already passed the necessary crash tests, but the engine and gearbox could not be taken over from the GT1 as planned because the Porsche factory did not want to provide any hardware. Therefore Erwin Kremer used the meanwhile established relationship to Lola Cars International and ordered one of the brand new Lola B98/10.



Technical Data Lola B98/10

Season: 1999 - 2001

Number of pieces: 1

Engine: Ford-Rousch 90 degrees V8



Transmission: sequential six-speed racing transmission

Chassis: carbon/aluminium composite Material

Body: Carbon multi-piece body

Cubic capacity: 5942 ccm

Power: max. 463.36 kW (630 PS) at 7600 rpm

Max. Torque: 660 Nm at 7600 rpm
Suspension: Bilstein
Wheels: front 13 x 19"
            rear 14,5 x 19"

Empty weight
: 900 kg

Maximum speed
: at longest gear ratio approx. 355 km/h




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