Honda NSX GT2- our short and successful partnership with Japan


"The car was light and went really well."



Honda had already been able to use a racing version of the NSX type in the ADAC GT Cup in 1993 thanks to the commitment of the Sekel team and was now looking for a new partner for the following season. The further developed cars should start in the GT 2 category in Le Mans. A private team with extensive Le Mans experience, experienced mechanics in dealing with technically demanding sports cars of the latest generation and a name that was well known in the world of motor sports was sought.


Armin Hahne and Seikel had already contested the ADAC GT Cup season in 1993 in the Honda NSX, which was still quite close to production, and ended the season in a good third place overall. That was actually already a semi-works use, as with Kremer the following year," recalled the 57-year-old. Honda provided engines and all the equipment, had contracted us drivers and basically said where we were going. The team was only responsible for the preparation and set-up of the cars".


Armin Hahne secured three wins, a fourth and a sixth place in the 1994 ADAC GT Cup with the Kremer-Honda NSX and became runner-up in the overall standings. Kremer and Honda went their separate ways again after the 1994 season, and in Cologne they initially concentrated on the usual material from Stuttgart again.





Technical data Honda NSX



Season: 1994


Number of pieces: 4


Engine: Honda RX 306, V6 four cylinder, air cooled


Gearbox: sequential Hewland six-speed gearbox


 Body: Aluminium / Carbon Body


Compressed: 12, 1:1


Output: max. 283.4 kW (380 PS) at 8000 rpm


Max. Torque: 660 Nm at 7600 rpm


Chassis: double wishbones, Bilstein chassis


Brakes: AP dual-circuit disc brakes, six-piston front brake calipers, four-piston rear brake calipers


Wheels: front 9 x 18"

              rear 11 x 18"


Empty weight: 1050 kg


Maximum speed: with longest gear ratio approx. 280 km/h



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